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Let us introduce you to our pastor and other key staff members.


Marta Allen, Organist
Marta (pictured right) has been our church organist for 38 years.  She was also the choir director for 30 years.  Marta has a Bachelors degree in Applied Music and has served as the Elementary Music Supervisor in the Mt. View Elementary Schools.  She founded the YWCA chorus and has played for the Ballet Theatre of Scranton classes..  Her ministry of music has been an inspiration to all those who have joined us for worship.
Marta is married to husband, Walter, and has three daughters.

Carole Vaughn, Treasurer
Carole is the treasurer for the church and serves on the Board of Session.  She has also been a Sunday School teacher and a Trustee.
She resides in Scranton with her husband, Bob.  She is a loving mother and grandmother.

    Wayne A. Wolfe, Pastor

Wayne has been our spiritual leader for the past six years.  His dedication to his faith and to the church is an strength from which we can all benefit.






Bill Kreinberg, Youth Lector
Bill (pictured right) has recently become our Youth Lector and sings in the church choir.  He is a 14 year old student at Howard Gardner School for Discovery.  He enjoys baseball, basketball and bowling.

Terri Clark, Lector
Terri has served as our lector for the past year and a half.  She is also responsible for publishing the church newsletter and in organizing gifts baskets at Christmas Time.
She is the wife of Rob Clark.


Barbara Blackledge,
  Clerk of Session
Barbara (pictured above) has served as the Clerk of Session for over 25 years.  She has also served as a Sunday School teacher and is a true leader of our church.
Barbara lives in Clarks Summit and is the mother of a son, Kurt.


Feel free to come by and meet us!